Hey There

I am a 30-something single woman living in NYC who enjoys learning about personal finance. I became interested in the topic a few years ago when I discovered a community of bloggers that post about their financial journeys. As I learned more, I realized how much I wished I would have known sooner and wished I had someone who had sat me down in my 20’s to explain some basic finance concepts.

I know that thinking about money in this way comes from a place of privilege.  I was able to attend college and grad school (city and state universities) and take out smaller loans than would be needed for private universities. I attended a grad program in a field that led me to be able to have decent work opportunities over the last few years. That being said, I did not come from money. My parents were both immigrants to this country and worked 2-3 jobs simultaneously to be able to afford our basic needs. I have learned a lot from their hardships and mistakes as well.

I geek out on numbers and excel sheets and do way too much research when I get interested in a topic. I am sure my friends are tired of hearing about credit card travel points and savings interest rates and ETFs at this point. So I figured there must be someone out there that I can help with all my research, learning, and yes, mistakes.

I know personal finance can be confusing and seem scary. Or seem like something you don’t have to worry about just yet. But worrying about it earlier makes it so you can worry about it less later on. Sound good? Stick with me.